Dancer's pose (natarajasana) anatomy

Functional Anatomy

Kaia Yoga

Mamaroneck, NY: Sat-Sun, March 4-5, 10 am-6 pm

This training will help deepen your understanding of anatomy and how the body works in asana practice.

We’ll cover the major joints and muscles of the body and use that knowledge to explore the biomechanics of common asanas. You’ll learn to see and feel anatomical variations between students and how to make individual modifications to help your students get the most out of their practice.

Going Upside Down: An Inversions Workshop

Pure Yoga Pilates

Wilmington,DE: Saturday, March 11, 1-3 pm

Learn the basics of going upside down. Let go of fear and learn step by step how to safely go into inversions including headstand, handstands and forearm stand. In this workshop we will explore various preparations of the shoulders, chest, neck and head to refine or even to begin your inversion practice with a more in depth awareness and confidence.

Joe teaching anatomy

Anatomy Intensive for Yoga Teachers

Pure Yoga Pilates

Wilmington, DE: Saturday, March 11, 3:15-6 pm

Whether you’re a practicing yoga teacher or a curious student you could always use a little brush up on your anatomy. Join me for part 2 of 2 of this comprehensive intensive addressing the bones and muscles of the upper limbs and how to apply this knowledge to teaching a yoga class. Also a good intensive for those with interest in yoga teacher training. 

The Elbow and Wrist: Arm Balances and Chaturanga

The Shala

Online: Saturday, March 18, 9-11am

In these sessions, we will explore the anatomy of individual body parts and look at how the anatomy can inform your practice, with a focus on a different group of asanas or other practices for each session. These workshops are suitable for students, teachers-in-training, and current teachers. Accessible and applicable for practitioners with or without prior knowledge of anatomy.

Fundamental Movement Patterns

Tokyo Yoga

Online: Sun, March 26, 2023, 8 am-12 noon (Tokyo time)

Want to move more efficiently and functionally in yoga poses and everyday movements? This workshop will teach you how to increase your body awareness and the efficiency of your movements. Enjoy re-learning the movements you learned as a child and expand your movement vocabulary. (With Japanese translation)

Sequencing Intensive

Tokyo Yoga

Online: Sat, May 27, 2023 8 am-12 noon (Tokyo time)

An intensive course on how to build yoga sequences, for teachers leading yoga classes. (With Japanese translation