Anatomy trainings

I am available to teach sections of your teacher training. I have over a decade of yoga teacher training experience, with a specialty in anatomy, pranayama and Sanskrit.

I have taught numerous teacher training workshops in the US and abroad, focusing on functional anatomy and physiology, yoga kinesiology, injury prevention, nutrition and Sanskrit.

I’m passionate about teaching. I love to help beginning instructors transform into confident professionals, sure of their knowledge and skills.

Sample workshops

Train Your Anatomical Eye: A Workshop for Teachers

Learn the art of reading bodies. This workshop will train you to see your students more clearly and to understand anatomically what you’re seeing. We’ll look at imbalances between the front and back of the body as well as left/right differences, while exploring the role that bones, muscles and habit play in their creation.

Developing your anatomical eye will help you target your verbal cues, refine your hands-on adjustments and improve your rapport with students and clients.

Perfect for yoga instructors or trainees, pilates instructors, fitness professionals and all bodyworkers.

Keeping Your Back Healthy in Your Yoga Practice

* Explore the anatomy of your spine
* Find out how your spine moves
* Understand the function of your core muscles
* Discover how breathing affects your spine
* Learn to practice poses such as forward bends, backbends, twists and side bends safely

This workshop will include simple asana practice, lecture and discussion, partner exercises and looking at the skeleton to understand how it moves in various yoga poses.

Contact me for rates and availability.