Muscle and fascia: 3 day intensive course

Tokyo Yoga, Shibuya

Friday-Sunday, May 3-5, 2019, 12:30-6:30 pm

You will learn:

  • What happens when you stretch connective tissues
  • Why too much flexibility isn’t a good thing
  • How cell signaling and mechano-transduction allow tissues to adapt to stress
  • What happens when tendons and ligaments are injured, and how they heal
  • How to help your connective tissues stay healthy in your yoga practice
  • How muscles create movement 
  • How to modify leverage to make poses easier or more challenging 
  • How different types of muscle contractions work, and how to use them to build strength and power
  • Why changing the length of muscle fibers affects their function
  • How muscles produce energy 
  • How much energy you expend in your yoga practice
  • What are the differences between fast and slow muscle fibers, and how that relates to asana practice

Daily schedule:

12: 30-2:00 Yoga class tailored to the theme of the day 
2:30-6:30 Lecture on muscle and fascia, Q & A 

Teacher’s enhancement: Anatomy: Shoulder and spine

Kaia Yoga, Greenwich, CT

Wednesday, May 13, 3-3:30 pm

Shoulder health and alignment is intrinsic to all yoga poses. In this enhancement we will explore the balance of strength and flexibility in the shoulder girdle and how it relates to over all spine, breath and body health.

Teacher’s enhancement: Anatomy: Happy hips and lower back

Kaia Yoga, Greenwich

Wednesday, May 13, 4-5:30 pm

We will breakdown the function and form of the spine and how it relates and connects to your pelvis to create your core foundation. This enhancement will explore pelvic alignment and how it relates to the health of upper spine, lower back and hips.